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    The federal American Disabilities Act (ADA) does not require mandatory or voluntary certification of service animals. However, many service animal users can attest to the fact that voluntary registration and service animal indentification from a reputable organization just makes life easier when dealing with service animal accessibility in public places, private housing with no-pet policies, lodging, and public transportation.

    Since 9/11 a tremendous number of disabled traveling with their service animals have been denied access to transportation unless they could show convincing service animal identification. We are saddened that this horrific event continues to disrupt life in the USA. However, we are thankful that the SARA ID has been broadly recognized, allowing SARA travelers to gain easy access in their travels.

    Although, certification of service animals is not required under federal law. Most entities are ignorant of this and try to prevent access without service animal ID. Registration of your service animal is a personal choice that is left up to the service animal owner.

    We feel it is important to assist you in service animal access which is why we offer registration and ID. We also Know it is important to educate the public that service animal certification is not a requirement for access. Therefore, on your service animal ID an informational statement is present.

    The whole point of service animals is to make life easier on us. Lets face it, it gets very tiresome to debate the law, time after time, just to gain access for our service animals. Without Service Animal ID the disabled have been wrongly denied access, ordered to leave establishments, and even had the police called to assist in their removal from public places. We should all defend our rights to have access without mandatory certification. SARA is a tenacious advocate against mandatory certification.

    Since I received Trevor's certification and service animal ID, I have not had on establishment attempt to deny us access. I'm enjoying going out more. Thanks SARA!  

    Formal registration through SARA provides you with an attractive heavily laminated service animal registration certificate with a photo of your service animal; a photo ID badge; a heavily laminated photo registration ID card for your service animal; and your service animal will be recorded in the SARA registry database. 

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